Work with Me 1:1 (The Becoming Journey)

Becoming is a personalised 1:1 Soul Guidance, Mentoring and Coaching for people who want to create and live from the inside out instead of the outside in.

Are you tired of living your life based on the expectations and opinions of others?

Do you feel the pull and call for something richer, deeper and more true?

Are you over letting fear, conditioning and socialisation have authority over you?

Do you believe that there is an empowered, bold and confident soul inside of you ready and hungry to live a truly happy and fulfilling life on their terms?

If you answered "Heck YESSSS!" to these questions then you are ready to embark on The Becoming Journey.

Becoming goes beyond merely reacting to our past experiences, it is about our personal evolution.

It's about learning to live the fullest and highest soul-aligned life you can by reconnecting to your soul's truth.

It is a journey, not a destination, and it is this journey that creates the results and the reality we deeply desire to experience.

Get ready to connect with yourself, trust your inner wisdom and unlock bold, courageous and empowered confidence in your uniqueness and divinity.

I will work with you to help you identify your goals, my areas of interest include authenticity, spirituality, self-leadership, self-mastery, abundance and activating potential.

Client Love

"I have been on a healing journey for quite some time now. When Florence and my paths crossed I knew I would experience healing and growth signing on to work with her as my coach. I’m so very glad I took the leap and committed to this time for myself. I can see it was a great act of love and a life changing experience. I felt I could trust Florence, she offered a safe space to explore all the innermost parts of me, and the feelings and emotions that I was typically very uncomfortable with. I knew there was healing for me but I did not know how this would take place. What I found with Florence is she guided me into those inner parts. She helped me with tools to unwind what was there and practice compassion and love for myself. Tools to help give my body relaxation and restoration. When big emotions did arise she guided me back within to find the answers I was looking for. Florence worked in a way that honored the very sacredness that is within me. She has a deep understanding that everything one needs/seeks is all within and she has many different tools to help one find it. She guided me to what message I needed to hear and where/how it is or wants to manifest along my journey. I cherish the time I had with Florence. I will never forget the innermost revelations I received while working within our sessions. As our time together unfolded I learned to trust myself in an entirely new way. I gained a trust and confidence that is not intimidated by questions or doubts but welcomes them, knowing they will only aid in growing deeper this inner relationship bound by trust, vulnerability, and love. I loved the whole process. This was originally a process that I felt pretty intimated by and had apprehension towards. Some of the things I learned are concepts I’m sure I’ve been told and even attempted to learn time and time again but it’s a completely different experience when your innermost being is welcomed, has the safety and space to come forth, and is allowed to simply be and the rest of myself can be at ease with this being and becoming as well, it clicks in a whole new way. Our sessions continually validated this new sense of well-being and inner truth. I was amazed with the gems that were revealed within our sessions, sometimes derived from uncomfortable or what I once labeled as “negative” feelings and/or experiences but can see they ultimately had a sacred message of love and care for me. Loved it all and can’t wait to work with Florence again!"

~ NS

What's Included?

Here's what you get whilst we are working together.

  • 2 or 4 Coaching sessions each month depending on your support package.
  • Your own personal content vault which includes recorded sessions and any other additional resources deemed fit to support you e.g. personalised subconscious reprogramming audios/meditations etc.
  • Access to the paid tier of Unfolding Substack newlstter, exclusive content library and other members-only areas for the duration of work.
  • Additional Voxer support (weekly check-in and support over a period of 30 or 60 minutes)

3 Months of Light Support

  1. 2 coaching sessions per month (6 in total)
  2. 2 x 30 minutes of Voxer support per month

£900 paid in full or £350 per month.

3 Months of Full Support

  1. 4 coaching sessions per month (12 in total)
  2. 2 x 60 minutes/4 x 30 minutes of Voxer Support each month

£1800 paid in full or £650 per month

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